If you are considering the purchase of a property and would like to gain an understanding
of what might be involved to transform it into your new home, we can help.
Sizing  and placement of an addition is a minefield in Greenwich
and involves a myriad of departments and approvals... variances even.

There are also many "hidden" exemptions to take advantage of.

Knowledge of local regulations is everything.

Then together we can establish a preliminary cost analysis,
so you can make an informed decision regarding the total cost of your vision.

If you are in the planning stages of an alteration, addition or new construction ….
Then now is the time to contact us.
We can help you with initial research to navigate the regulatory minefield.

Once you have decided to move forward, Baumeister Inc. will take care of the permit process
and deal with all appropriate Town Departments.

Once permitted, Baumeister Inc. will manage the construction
and interior build-out to Certificate of Occupancy and move-in conditions.














Hello - my name is Ferdinand Steyer

In my mid-twenties I started to come repeatetly with an orchestra from Austria to Amercia,
promoting Austrian Culture and Tourism,
representing the Austrian Government Department of Tourism.


My affinity with America grew and so I eventually decided to stay and become an American Citizen.

Much so to the disappointment of my family, since I was the last of a long line of "Tischler Meister" or Master Carpenters.  I apprenticed with my father who apprenticed with his father and so on for at least five generations that I can trace.  I was supposed to carry on the family tradition and shop in Vienna, but, as I mentioned earlier, I was in love with America. 

I started my first American company in 1982, called "F. Steyer Design" in Greenwich, CT.  During that time, I worked with most of the prominent architects in Manhattan and indeed all over the country, designing and executing projects for the “Rich & Famous”. 
I earned many awards such as in "Custom Home" magazine, "New Yorker" magazine, and many write-ups, for example in "Architectural Digest", " Fortune" magazine and many others.

Based on urging by my family, I sold my business in 1996 intending to move back to Austria.

Being in possession of a one-way ticket, having arranged for international moving services and driving around with shipping cartons in my car, I had a change of mind.

Well ….. I am still here. I couldn’t leave my chosen Homeland.

I took on a position with General Electric as VP – Manager Strategic Product Development.
I was in charge of major office build-outs across North America and Canada.
These projects were all in the multi-million-dollar range.

During my tenure at GE I earned the prestigious “Thomas Edison Award for Innovation” as well as 5 industry related patents.

After five years in “Corporate America” I decided that it was time to work for myself again.

Since then I have completed many different residential projects from renovating a 200 Year old Farmhouse, addition/renovations to complete tear-downs and new construction.

My extensive knowledge and contacts with local regulatory departments are of great benefit to my clients to obtain permits, variances at local and State levels and Certificates of Occupancy.